Name: Nur Dini
HP: 8288xxxx
Reason: Back out after confirmation on order due to "personal matters"

Name: Laina
HP: 97100331
Reason: She arranged to meet me at Tampines on Friday, 29th January. We were supposed to meet at 4.30pm. She then called me to tell me she will be late and will only arrive at 5.30pm as she was at Dhoby Ghaut. I agreed and waited for her. At around 5.25-5.30pm, she msged me and said, "Wenxin is still in lan shop i can't go in and call her because i am in school uniform." I thought ok, perhaps they were somewhere around Tampines. At 5.35pm, i called her and guess what? They were still at Dhoby!! I told her i'm not going to wait and hung up. Please be more responsible.

Name: Li Min
HP: 82247340
Reason: MIA after confirmation
Although you are my friend, I don't think you have the right to do this. After ordering from me & confirm meet up place & time you didn't even bother to msg or call me the night before to tell me you cannot make it. I have to ask jia ling & even so, I still don't have a reply from you.